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Family Quest: Family Tracker

Family Quest is an all-in-one family tracking and productivity app that keeps your family connected in real-time, tracks locations, manage tasks with rewards, and fosters motivation, making it ideal for busy families.

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Drive Report

Monitor driving habits for safety and improvement, with detailed behavior analysis.

Family Chat

Stay in touch and share locations easily with built-in messaging.

Motivation Rewards

Gamify productivity and motivate family members to achieve goals together.


Receive updates for quests, arriving and leaving places, and more.

Saved Places

Quickly get notified when family members arrive/leave saved locations.

Reviewable Quest Updates

Track and motivate family members by reviewing quest updates and travel history.

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Yes, Family Quest is a family tracking and productivity app designed to help busy families stay connected, organized, and motivated. It's not meant for stalking or spying.
Family Quest offers real-time updates on locations and quests. You can view your family members' locations and stay updated on assigned tasks.
The app allows you to track your family's whereabouts in real-time. You can also receive notifications when they arrive or leave saved places, such as home, work, or school.
The Travel History feature lets you stay on track with your family's travel activities over the past 30 days. It provides a clear overview of daily commutes and helps you understand your family's routine.
Yes, the Drive Report feature provides a detailed analysis of driving behavior, including total distance covered, trips taken, speed limit exceedances, rapid accelerations, and harsh brakes.
You can assign tasks (referred to as "quests") to your family members with due dates, locations, and notes. Track progress with checklists and reward points for completed tasks.
Save important locations like home, work, or school to receive quick notifications when family members arrive or leave. It's a convenient feature for staying connected.
Family Quest motivates with a game-like rewards system. Completing tasks and reaching goals earns reward points, making productivity a fun and engaging family activity.
Yes, Family Chat allows you to stay in touch with loved ones through text messages and location sharing. It's perfect for planning family events or just catching up.
Absolutely! Family Quest is designed for busy families and parents juggling work, school, and household chores. It helps keep the family organized, connected, and on track.

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