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The Mixer – Make Pairs Puzzle

The Mixer is an engaging puzzle game with story and multiplayer modes, where you match and combine objects to solve challenges and compete with others for top scores.

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challenges! Elevate your merging skills and join the puzzle community now! Check out gameplay in our screenshots

Versus Friends

Play merge puzzles with friends and strive to be the ultimate merging champion.

Pair-Matching Games

Innovative and challenging pair-matching games for all ages and skill levels.

3D Object Sorting

Collect and combine items through a merging machine in immersive 3D sorting modes.

Daily Prizes

Win exciting rewards by completing daily tile-matching puzzle challenges.

Wall of Fame

Compete with the community to have your name displayed proudly on the Wall of Fame.

Community Engagement

Join a thriving puzzle-game community and connect with fellow merge game enthusiasts.

Frequently asked Question

Discover answers to frequently asked questions in our comprehensive FAQ section.

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The Mixer is the ultimate puzzle-game experience that offers a variety of match puzzle modes, providing hours of entertainment. It includes features from merge games, farm games, merge county, combine, merging games, wonder merge, and merge town.
The story puzzle mode takes players on an adventure with young Sam as he attempts to fix his grandfather's farm using an invention to mix and match objects. Players match similar objects and put them in a mixer to blend everything and fix the farm.
Yes, The Mixer offers a solo tile-matching puzzle game mode that tests players' skills and focus as they race against the clock to match objects and win. The mode has increasing difficulty levels to keep players engaged.
Yes, The Mixer features a fun online match puzzle mode where players can match objects with others from around the world. It's a competitive mode perfect for merge puzzle game enthusiasts who enjoy competing with others.
The Versus friend mode allows players to play merge puzzles with friends and compete for the top spot. It's designed for those who enjoy friendly competition and love playing merge games with their friends.
Players can join the community in The Mixer to compete and keep their name on the Wall of Fame. Daily challenges offer exciting rewards, and players can mingle with others who love merge games. The Mixer creates an immersive world of merge county, combine, merging games, wonder merge, and merge town.
The Mixer offers exciting features, including the story puzzle mode, solo tile-matching puzzle mode, online match puzzle mode, Versus friend mode, innovative and challenging pair-matching games, 3D objects sorting game modes, free daily prizes in tile-matching puzzle, and the opportunity to compete and keep your name on the Wall of Fame.

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