Wordly Crossword Puzzle Game

Wordly Crosswords is an immersive crossword puzzle game with over 1500 levels, competitive modes, and a galaxy theme, offering endless entertainment and vocabulary expansion for word game enthusiasts.

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Embark on an interstellar word quest!

Dive into captivating puzzles with Wordly Crosswords—explore the cosmos. Take a sneak peek with stunning screenshots

Vocabulary Builder

Expand your word knowledge with a built-in dictionary supporting 40+ languages.

Unique Abilities

Unlock special powers like Meteorite and Solar-Ray to aid you in solving puzzles.

Varied Difficulty Levels

Experience increasing challenges and complexity as you progress through the game.

Soothing Music

Enjoy calming and immersive music that enhances the gaming experience.

Word Trivia

Guess the word and test your knowledge with over 1500 puzzles.

One-Finger Controls

Simple swipe gestures make it easy to connect letters and create words.

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Wordly is the ultimate word game for crossword puzzle enthusiasts, offering over 1500 levels and two planetary systems to explore. It provides endless entertainment, brain training, and an opportunity to expand your vocabulary.
Players can challenge themselves by solving crossword puzzles and testing their word-making skills. The game features three modes: Career Mode with unlocked planets, Competitive Mode to challenge friends, and Daily Word Challenge Mode to gather Alioboi's friends and unlock milestone gifts.
Wordly features simple one-finger word maker games, online competitive mode, a dictionary to learn new words with support for over 40 translation languages, many levels across planets, daily word challenges, milestone gifts with universe facts, a galaxy theme, soothing music, and more.
Players can progress through Career Mode by unlocking planets and systems, challenge friends in Competitive Mode to unlock gifts, and participate in the Daily Word Challenge Mode to gather Alioboi's friends and unlock milestone gifts.
The game includes a dictionary to learn new words, daily word challenges with facts about the universe in milestone gifts, and the ability to expand vocabulary through crossword puzzles.
Playing the game is easy. Players can connect letters by swiping to uncover words on the word maker grid. Word maker abilities and hints, such as Meteorite, Solar-Ray, Terrestrial Rocket, and Meteor Shower, can be used to help when stuck in a daily word puzzle.

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