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Jelly Crash - Block Puzzle

Jelly Crash is an addictive merge game where you clear boards by matching colorful jellies, offering endless entertainment.

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Experience the ultimate puzzle
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challenge with Jelly Crash! Swipe and merge colorful jelly cubes to clear each level's board. Check out these action-packed screenshots now.

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Finger-Friendly Controls

Easy to play with intuitive touch controls.

Increasing Complexity

Levels become more intricate as you progress.

Addictive Gameplay

Hours of entertainment with endless levels.

Quick Time Passer

Beat boredom and have fun on the go.

Strategic Thinking

Use puzzle-solving skills to succeed.

Variety of Merge Elements

Combines merge and jelly gameplay.

Endless Fun

Suitable for both casual players and puzzle game pros.

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Jelly Crash is an addictive merge game where the goal is to swipe and merge colorful jelly cubes to clear the board and advance to the next level.
To play Jelly Crash, swipe the jelly cubes with your finger to move them in different directions. Match jellies of the same color and smash them together to make them disappear. Keep merging until only one color is left to advance to the next level.
Each level in Jelly Crash becomes more complicated and complex as you progress, requiring players to use their wits and reflexes to figure out the best way to merge the jellies and clear the board.
Yes, Jelly Crash offers daily prizes and the opportunity to compete for a spot on the Wall of Fame. This adds an exciting and competitive element to the game.
Jelly Crash stands out with its simplicity, intuitive controls, daily prizes, competitive elements, and endless levels. The game is easy to pick up and play, but it becomes more intricate and complex as you progress.

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