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Tactic Legends: Strategy Cards

Tactic Legends is a strategic card game combining skill and lore, where players use unique cards in battles to outwit opponents and achieve victory.

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Dive into strategic warfare!
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Master complex tactics, outmanoeuvre rivals, and relish the thrill. Explore these screenshots for a glimpse of the action-packed gameplay.

Unique Abilities

Cards with special powers enable dynamic and unpredictable gameplay.

Bondable Card Strength

Link cards to significantly boost their battlefield effectiveness.

Horn Card Tactics

Double non-hero unit points, potentially changing battle outcomes.

Golden Card Resilience

Weather spell-resistant, providing a strategic anchor in gameplay.

Spell Weather Effects

Cast spells to disrupt enemies or bolster defenses.

Special Spy Cards

Draw extra cards while subtly assisting your opponent.

Revival Mechanics

Bring non-hero units back from the graveyard for a comeback.

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A strategic card game where players use various cards to engage in intense battles.
Win by emerging victorious in two out of three rounds.
Archer, front, siege, spell, and special cards, each with unique abilities.
Yes, including bondable cards for strength boost and horn cards to double points.
Yes, spell cards can cast weather effects to disrupt enemies or bolster defenses.
Cards resistant to weather spells, maintaining their power in various situations.
Yes, revival cards can bring non-hero units back from the graveyard.
Spy cards allow players to draw additional cards while aiding the opponent.
Its blend of strategic depth, rich lore, and unique card interactions.

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