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Push Ball: Maze Puzzle

Push Ball is a captivating maze puzzle game with intuitive controls and challenging levels, providing endless entertainment.

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Discover a diverse range

of maze puzzles and put your skills to the test! Maneuver a rolling ball through complex mazes, collect coins, and color tiles as you progress. Engage your mind with thrilling and captivating puzzles that will keep you hooked. Get a sneak peek of the exciting maze challenges through our captivating screenshots.

Reward System

Collect coins throughout your journey and redeem them for exciting daily prizes.


Showcase your puzzle-solving prowess and earn your spot on the prestigious Wall of Fame.


Immerse yourself in a vast array of maze puzzles, ensuring you never run out of challenges.

Relaxing and Mind-Bending

Strike the perfect balance between relaxation and mental stimulation.

Fun for All Ages

Whether you're a teenager or an adult, Push Ball offers enjoyable brain-sharpening entertainment for everyone.

Frequently asked Question

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Push Ball is a unique and exciting ball maze puzzle game where the objective is to guide a rolling ball through a complex maze, smashing colored circles, and painting empty tiles. The gameplay is designed to be both relaxing and mind-bending, providing a balance between fun and challenge.
You can control the ball with a simple swipe of your finger, making it easy to play with your fingertips. The intuitive controls enhance the gaming experience.
The main objective is to paint empty cells by guiding the ball through the maze, smashing colored circles along the way. As you progress, the difficulty increases, and you have a limited number of moves to plan carefully.
Yes, Push Ball offers a variety of levels, and the complexity increases with each new level, ensuring an ever-challenging experience.
Push Ball offers fun and tricky gameplay, easy fingertip controls, a time-efficient puzzle-solving experience, increasing complexity with each level, free daily prizes, competition on the Wall of Fame, and a huge number of puzzles to solve.
You can collect coins along the way to earn free daily prizes. Additionally, you can compete on the Wall of Fame to prove you're the best puzzle solver and lover of ball games.

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