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Merge Delivery - Build A City

Merge Delivery is a city-building game with puzzle challenges where players upgrade a supermarket in Merge County while solving tile-matching puzzles and customizing their cityscape.

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Build, Match, Conquer!

Race the clock, and customize your city. Check out our gameplay screenshots!

Daily Prizes

Win free rewards every day by completing tile-matching puzzles and tasks.

Online & Solo Play

Enjoy the game your way – online with friends or solo for personal challenges.

Social Interaction

Connect with friends, chat, and compete on leaderboards in the vibrant in-game community.

Customer Materials

Accept tasks to gather materials and upgrade or build structures in your city.

Merge Mechanics

Combine items to create powerful tools and enhance your progress.

Creative Customization

Choose buildings, colors, and decorations to bring your unique city vision to life.

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Merge Delivery is a unique world-building game that combines the thrill of merge games and puzzle games to create an engaging and challenging experience. Set in the bustling city of Merge County, players take on the role of Sam, a young entrepreneur upgrading his family's supermarket.
In Merge Delivery, players must accept tasks to gather customer materials and build or upgrade structures in the city. They enter the Merge Town merger, face challenging tile-matching puzzles in timed events, and earn rewards to upgrade their buildings.
The tile-matching puzzle game mode in Merge Delivery presents players with timed events where they must match similar objects against the clock. Winning these puzzles earns fantastic rewards, including rare items for building upgrades.
Yes, Merge Delivery features a city-building aspect where players can customize their city by choosing buildings to construct, selecting colors, and decorating structures. This allows players to express their creativity and witness their vision come to life.
Merge Delivery features immersive world-building and city customization, challenging tile-matching puzzle game mode, timed events with awesome rewards, free daily prizes in tile-matching puzzles, VIP membership with exclusive features, a social aspect with in-game chat and community features, and free-to-play online and solo gameplay.

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